Computational Language Measures

Measuring psych constructs with words analyzed with AI...

Semantic measures: Using natural language processing to measure, differentiate, and describe psychological constructs

We develop an approach using open-ended questions in which the responses are analyzed using natural language processing.

The Harmony in Life Scale Complements the Satisfaction with Life Scale: Expanding the Conceptualization of the Cognitive Component of Subjective Well-Being

We developed the Harmony in Life Scale (HILS) emphasizing psychological balance and flexibility in life.


Conceptualizing and measuring well-being...

Open Science Framework

My Open Science Framework Profile.

The affective profiles, psychological well-being, and harmony: environmental mastery and self-acceptance predict the sense of a harmonious life

We explore how affective profiles systematically relate to psychological well-being and harmony in life.

Sustainable Well-Being: A Potential Synergy between Sustainability and Well-Being Research

This article outlines a potential synergy between sustainability and well-being research.