Doing well-being: Self-reported activities are related to subjective well-being

In two studies, we examine the relationship between self-reported everyday activities and SWB, while allowing individuals to express their activities freely by allowing open-ended responses that were then analyzed with state-of-the-art (transformers-based) Natural Language Processing.

Natural language analyzed with AI-based transformers predict traditional subjective well-being measures approaching the theoretical upper limits in accuracy

We show that using a recent break-through in artificial intelligence –transformers–, psychological assessments from text-responses can approach theoretical upper limits in accuracy, converging with standard psychological rating scales..

Text: An R-package for Analyzing and Visualizing Human Language Using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning

This tutorial introduces how to use state-of-the-art AI techniques in both custom research analyses as well as in completely end-to-end analytic processes in R.


An `r-package` for analyzing text using NLP and deep learning.

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